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mat alano-martin

Mat Alano-Martin

From Laughs on FOX, The Bob and Tom Show.
With Dwight Simmons (

Mat Alano-Martin comes to comedy from the world of rock and roll, where he spent 10 years touring North America as a member of several unknown bands and as a tour manager for bands that some people have actually heard of. With a comedic style that bridges the social and political views of his indie-rock background with the attitude and sensibilities of his rural and blue collar youth, Alano-Martin has appeared at comedy clubs, theaters, punk rock dives, redneck roadhouses, casinos, colleges, living rooms and everywhere in between.

Steve Hoffstetter

Steve Hofstetter

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Sunday Show time 7pm. Tickets $20.

150 Million views on YouTube!! Host of "Finding Babe Ruth" on FS1. Book, "Ginger Kid", top 5 pick on Amazon. Host and executive producer of season one of Laughs (FOX). Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comics Unleashed, Comedy All Stars, E! True Holly wood story.

matt bergman

Matt Bergman

From Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing.
With Keith Correy.

Matt Bergman has been performing at clubs and colleges since he was in college pursuing a degree in criminal justice. After graduating, he realized he was afraid of criminals and decided stand up comedy was the way to go.
As it turns out Bergman made the right decision quickly becoming one of the most sought out comedians working today. His ability to relate to any audience has allowed him to work with comics from Mike Birbiglia to Bruce Bruce and any audience in between. He’s a favorite at colleges across the country and was selected to be a part of the Inaugural Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta.
Bergmans debut CD “A Little Bit Balder Now” landed him at #15 on the Itunes comedy charts and he's appeared on AXS TV Live at Gotham

Mike Stankiewicz

Mike Stankiewicz

"Comedy On The Road" with John Byner on A&E
With John Kensil (

Dig, it's appropriate that this cat has gigged in nearly every comedy venue in the United States. At home in an eclectic gathering in San Francisco or a rust belt bar come shifts end, this clever comic will turn the tables on everyone. Winner of the prestigious"Best of Philly" award presented by Philadelphia Magazine, Stank takes you down a road you didn't expect to travel with a conversational style that makes you feel like you're riding the barstool next to him. Among his international television appearances including "Comedy On The Road" with John Byner on A&E, Mike presents a special wit that transcends all mediums and blows his audiences away! Maybe that's why everyone wants him back.

Originally from Erie, PA, where Mike realized playing second base on the Duck Inn softball team would not propel him to the "Big League". He moved to Philadelphia to cut his teeth doing stand-up. With his rust belt influence, his intellectual proclivity and a blue-collar approach to humor, he turned Philadelphia on its ear. Stank does for stand-up what Tom Waits does for music. So if you like Mr. Waits and have a penchant for Charles Bukowski, you'll love Mike Stankiewicz! An interesting aspect to Mike's career is that he has lived on both coasts (LA and NY) and fits seamlessly in both locations as well as everywhere in between.

Now Stank plies his wares everywhere from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, from Mobile to Montana. He's a modern day Kerouac, hell, you probably passed him "on the road"!

Fred McKinnon

Fred McKinnon

With Katie Hughes (

A native of Hampton, Virginia; Fred a.k.a “Team Fred” is a disable army veteran who gets his comedic wit from his late grandfather who would always be the highlight at all family events. Team Fred carried this legacy to high school where he was voted most WIT his senior year and the accolades didn't stop there. As an engineer major at North Carolina A&T State University he was able to make nerds laugh all the time and it just continued into his professional career as an Army Officer in the military. His soldiers would love the impromptu style that he used during their long runs in the morning as well as their times training in the field. Team Fred didn't capitalize on this hidden talent until February 2013 when he was "dared" by a co-worker to participate in a local open mic night where he went and was an instant hit. Now after many competitions at the Va Beach and Richmond Funny bone Team Fred is becoming a household name and has created a local frenzy in the 757 Virginia area. Team Fred puts on comedy events at various Military installations giving soldiers, veterans and civilians the best medicine, LAUGHTER. Fred also conducts a seminar called “Humor Your Stress” that he gives to military/civilian and it targets on how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression through humor.

Doug Canney

Doug Canney

With Vince Fabra (

Former 80's touring musician, current National headliner and voice-over actor for radio stations Nationwide, Doug has been entertaining with his Music and Comedy since his early teens. Living in St. Petersburg Florida for a few years, he was a house comic at the World famous Coconuts Comedy Clubs, the longest-running comedy shows in Florida. Hugely successful Comedians such as Dan Whitney {larry the Cable Guy}, Mitch Hedberg, Kevin James, Jim Bruer, and Billy Gardell have also been Coconuts Comics. Doug's first stand-up performances were impromptu, off the cuff sets when all hell would break loose during a band show, "the first time I did 15 minutes of stand-up was when our drummer had an asthma attack at the end of the song 'Hot For Teacher'. I knew right then, I loved making people laugh and we probably needed a new drummer". Living in his car for a while, doing over 300 shows a year and setting his personal record of 9500 miles in 21 days, he's the epitome of the old school "Road-Dog" Comedian. He's been called the "human energy drink" and his spastic performances reflect this well-deserved moniker. Doug has always been a guitar player and was a professional musician for over 25 years, but is NOT a music comic, "I play guitar in my show sometimes because it's fun again". Every time he's asked why he doesn't play guitar his whole set, he always has the same answer, "I think that would suck". Ever so eloquent, Doug is a born and bred Southern boy from North Carolina. Having relatives in New England, his accent is all over the place but the "red-neck" sneaks out during his Stand-up shows. He has worked with Comics from every channel that's EVER been on television! He has also appeared, as an extra, in many Television shows, performed stand-up on NBC and also seen on HBO and the WB. Doug appeared as a Gay Indian Gangster in the Indie movie "Me and My Bud" by Steven Houser and was a featured actor in the multi-award winning short film Lonely Ben.

John Poveromo

John Poveromo 

With Joanne Filan (

A Brooklyn born Jersey raised Stand Up with the perfect blend of self-deprecation and optimism makes John a dynamic and unpredictable performer that’s both engaging and fun to watch as he struggles to make sense of himself and the world around him. Always open and honest, John’s charm and vulnerability on stage gives him the ability to connect with every audience allowing each show to be original, refreshing and funny as hell.

Eric Grady

Eric Grady 

With Viet Huynh (

National touring comedian, Eric Grady is the "World's Tallest Comedian", and has been making audiences "bust their guts", "cry", and even "pee a little" (actual quotes from audience members) from laughing since 1995 with his hilarious, edgy, and fresh stand up comedy. Eric grew up in Charlotte, NC.

Eric's comedy career began in South Florida. Well actually, it began in Charlotte, NC. He did his first open mic, in Charlotte. Eric loved it. He was nervous. But he was funny. The audience was laughing. And Eric felt that he had to have more of what he was feeling. So, he kept coming back as often as he could, but Eric was living in Myrtle Beach, SC at the time. So, it was hard to get back to Charlotte for an open mic night.

So, after doing about 10, or so, open mics, in 1998, Eric moved to Charlotte, and got married. And fell out of comedy to work and help support a wife and step-children. Sadly, after a few years, the marriage was over, and in 2001, Eric moved to Ft Lauderdale, FL, where he promptly got back into comedy open mics. There was no looking back, after that.

After spending a couple of years in Florida, Eric moved back to Myrtle Beach, SC, doing comedy often. Eventually, in 2006, he moved to New York City, where Eric worked about 2000 shows, in 2 years. And finally, in 2008, Eric moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he resides, today. Eric stays busy with stand-up. He's honed his 'rapid fire', physical comedy to be quick, sharp, and hilarious. Eric talks about himself, and his view on the world around him, including subjects such as; his life being so tall, his marriage, his step-children, his dog, his single life, his travels, and his accent, to name a few.

Today, Eric is still shy, still funny, and still tall. He's 6'9', which is why a lot of people know him as 'the World's Tallest Comedian'. Eric comedy has been described as 'Very funny' by Comedian; Wendy Liebman, and 'Fresh, original', by Comedian; Fred Klett, adding; "No one is doing what (Eric's) doing.". And he's physically funny, using his height and his weight to do mind-bending, body bending comedy. You can catch Eric at a comedy club near you. And you should. Eric is a VERY funny person.

Erick Escobar

Erik Escobar

with David Beck (

If you love poop jokes and husky Mexipino´s, then Erik is the comic for you. He currently does stand up comedying at colleges, clubs, and festivals both individually and with the Almost Asian Comedy Tour and is most likely playing a comedy club or sketchy basement by you

Erik can also be seen weekly at The Improv Space performing with the improv group: The 400 Cat and is a company member of ComedySportz LA. He is a writer for ISA TV's The Weekly Rewind and The upcoming television show, PAYBACK! Erik has featured and headlined all over the US and has opened for Rob Van Dam, Neal Brennan, Dan Mintz, and a variety of other fancy comedians. He is also the producer and host of Escobar Evenings at Flappers Comedy Club with credits from NBC's Last Comic Standing, Telemundo, KDHR´s The Smitty and D Show, KTLA Morning News, and RANT LA. Erik was a recent finalist in both the LA' Funniest Comic Contest and the Ultimate Laff Down in addition to taking first place at the Comedy Contest.

Tracy Locke

Tracy Locke

with Joe Pontiillo (

Take the all American girl next door, add a pinch of devilish charm, a dash of sports fanatic, some raw charisma, sprinkle in kooky, eclectic characters set on high speed and POW! the perfect recipe for comedy.

Tracy Locke has been performing as a professional comedian for over 12 years, from sold out shows atRadio City Music Hall to comedy clubs across the nation. She has hosted television, live events and award shows as well as corporate team building.Tracy Locke has done it all!

Born and raised on the mean streets of Philadelphia.(OK, it was actually a suburb)Tracy has lived anything but a normal suburban life. From exploring the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia, to tackling a 250 lb running back in the WNFL, this little spitfire will strap you into the front seat of her roller-coaster life for a hilarious ride you won't soon forget as she shares her insights on sports, dating adventures and growing up All-American.

Tracy started her comedy career in NYC and had the incredible opportunity to spend two years as the opening act on Lisa Lampanelli's National Theatre Stand-Up Tour.

Some of the tour highlights included - PantagesTheatre, Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall.

She is currently the the warm-up comedian on The Harry Connick Jr. Show on FOX.

She has also worked on NBC's Meredith Vieira Show, ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire, ABC's Katie Couric Show and hosts various corporate events throughout the country

Tracy has been a reporter on The Outdoor Life Network and was a main player with the professional Improv troupes Inappropriate Behavior - NYC and Blank Label - LA

She has studied and performed with Second City, Chicago City Limits, Improv Olympic West, Upright Citizens Brigade, The Groundlings and The American Comedy Institute.

Tracy continues to do stand up, television and voice over projects across the nation.

David Kaye

David Kaye

with Dan Butler (

Audiences laugh out loud, as David Kaye shares side-splitting tales of his dysfunctional family affairs, and blue-collar upbringing in Pittsburgh, PA.†As the last child born to a Polish steel mill worker and a Ho Jo’s waitress, his wry recollections of life as the “baby brother” are candidly funny. “I grew up believing that my parents were not prejudice people. However, looking back at all the beatings I took as a child, I now realize my parents hated white children.”

David’s tongue-in-cheek observations have continued to set off boisterous laughter and applause in corporate boardrooms, college rathskellers, and smoky nightclubs throughout the country for over fifteen years. A former mechanical engineer and more recently, trained thespian, Kaye smartly lampoons life with countless comical vignettes. Acting as narrator and cast, he morphs into a one man comedy troupe using manic mannerisms, outlandish dialects, and contorted facial expressions to convey vividly funny living snapshots of his many off-the-wall characters.

David Kaye’s many credits include performances with Weird Al Yankovic, Richard Jeni, David Brenner, and Drew Carey. Along with television appearances on ABC, Comedy Central, dozens of commercials and industrial films, and a starring role in the independent film, ”Creep”.

The perfect headline performer for any occasion, David Kaye always delivers huge laughs with his original wit, a rock-solid act, and genuine comedic talent.

Chris King

Chris Rich

with Von Mychael (

Chris Rich is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed comedian, comedy writer, author, and keynote speaker. She was born into an Irish Stew of very funny people: "My family were all long, thin, pale redheads. For Halloween, my mom used to make us tease our hair up and go out as a pack of matches." Chris has shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Sherman Hemsley, Roseanne, Tony Danza, and has appeared many times on national television including Comedy Central, ABC's The View, and Lifetime Television.